The focus of this training is professional vision, mission, strategic planning, accountability, responsibility, charisma, financial success, family, social, and global influence. The results of the Law of 7’s leadership training program can be measured in terms of the following outcome assessments:



- Increased clarity of personal mission
Full alignment with company/personal mission
- Mental and physical vitality, health, and fitness
- Long term goals, vision, and thinking
Self reliance
- Increased spiritual, mental, and financial self worth
- Communication of values through others value systems



- Inspiration versus motivation
- Understanding of larger purpose
- See self as subset of team
- Mastermind principles (synergy)
- Value self and others success
- Link personal growth to team/company growth
- Congruent use of time, energy, and money



- Higher consciousness resonance of mission
- Company and team on purpose
- Awareness of organization’s global impact
- Financial security of company and team
- Balanced corporate structure
- Balanced relationship between clients, customers, and employees
- Balanced relationship between management team, board of directors, and shareholders


You may already be skilled at every aspect of leadership, GREAT, then step up to a larger circle of influence. Play in a larger dynamic, taking a deeper look at the actuality of human behavior, market dynamics, and their combined effects on your business and life! Most people only see the surface of reality. As a leader, you have the responsibility to be authentic, and to draw out the authentic nature of everyone in your charge. This program is not for the novice, it is for the experienced leader who wants to take it to the next level. Join us as we unfold the mysteries that make greatness!


The goal of training is to reach the pinnacle of success in a chosen field. No one should be training to fill their time between jobs and trainers are not teachers!

Whether you chose to bring us in to develop an in-house certification program or simply wish to keep your team up to date on the latest information and regulations, let us design your training or let our team train your trainer.

We offer and design training programs to fit every project and budget and the end result becomes as much a part of our goal as it is yours. The leaders in every field invest in what it takes to overcome the challenges of ongoing and continual improvement and staying ahead of the competition.


In the modern day e-marketplace, management training must include a basic ethics course, as well as the training on common sense rules regarding team member’s rights, understanding appropriate verbal, written and electronic protocols, and providing a good environment for your teams.

Management is responsible for providing competent leadership as well as respecting the team’s rights by not being abusive, not berating workers, not firing people indiscriminately. Providing a good environment goes beyond the physical aspect by creating a clear communication with team members about what is expected of them, as well as ensuring that your teams have the tools to do their job.

These programs are 3-6 hours and provide the best protection and insurance that your management team is on the same page as the leaders of the organization.